d e f o c u s s e d


Dreams envision fairytales and egos encourage acts of stupidity. Without even realizing the journey into the mistaken direction begins. And then the consequences; that scar the mind and soul for a long long time. The world moves on, but life freezes in time and goes out of focus. Every day, every hour, every second spent in lament and remorse. Relationships become obligations, responsibilities turn into frustrations.

Time passes by and the reign of false grandeur controls life. The soul, shackled inside loses its spirit and numbs. Its desperate attempts to flee have been met by strong resistance from the mind, but the heart silently watches in vain.

The soul however is not destined to remain in captivity for long. All it needs is a pin hole to escape from the darkroom. And then one day it happens. An intensely bright flash of light dazzles the eye. The black curtain on the mind burns away. The iris opens up wide like the fast f1.2 and the world around seems so different. The most ordinary situations look stimulating; the not so beautiful become mesmerizing. The meager little things attract macro observation. The viewfinder covers 100% of life and it gets linked to all of the focus points. Everything else, the irrelevant, the unneeded, the pseudo status, completely d E f O c U s S e d.

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